10 Reasons why AsteriskNOW sucks

  • The default MySQL root password is not set.
  • The default FPBX pasword is fpbx, but simple change. What is not simple is that: amportal.conf, ami-manager, voicemail-manager, and 5 more services have default passwords.
  • The documentation is horrible. You have no idea how what works. You have no idea what services use default passwords.
  • The security is horrible.

All this means AsteriskNOW servers are the most likely servers on the internet to get hacked. Unless you spend 2 hours to figure out what default services have default passwords.

Integration is not that good anyway, you can do far better by installing FreePBX yourself on an Asterisk server.


  1. Shouldn’t this be “10 reasons why FREEPBX sucks” (not that I think it does). From my understanding everything you listed here has to do with FREEPBX security which asterisknow only bundles for convenience. In FreePBX’s interface it shows which things need to be secured and has a fairly decent knowledge base.

    But if the only knock is that you need a list of what passwords to change in FREEPBX to properly secure it that seems like a pretty simple fix. In fact, instead of bashing it why not share what you learned in a document to “unsuck it” and make it easier for others :)

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