Automatic updates on CentOS/RHEL via Yum

You should no longer use yum-updatesd for updating your server as it will soon be depreciated. Unfortunately it’s still the standard that is shipped with CentOS 5. You should use yum-cron for updating your CentOS and RHEL servers.

yum -y remove yum-updatesd
yum -y install yum-cron
service yum-cron start
chkconfig yum-cron

You can see your /var/log/yum.log for updates done. Please do not use yum-cron in combination with external repositories as it might break your server. In case your server runs important production, do not enable automatic updates. The server is important enough to do manual updates for.

This feature is great for updating simple servers that host dns-services etc. You shouldn’t enable automatic updates for production.

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