Backup Exec vs NetBackup vs Backup Recovery – Symantec products


  • Extensive list of agents covering just about everything
  • Very long history on non-Windows servers, which means it covers them very well
  • Long history supporting the datacenter, have moved into the ‘workgroup’.
  • Supports a much wider array of very expensive backup devices. If you really do need eight 1000 slot tape libraries, NetBackup will support it. On Solaris or on Windows.
  • More expensive per-device than BackupExec


  • Long history supporting the workgroup, trying to move into the datacenter.
  • Long history supporting Windows, not as robust on non-Windows but support is there.
  • Plenty of device support for up to mid-size libraries.
  • Cheaper than NetBackup for environments that are mostly Windows, and have only a few backup devices.

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