How to disable port 80 usage by Teamviewer

Did you enable the Direct-In Modus? You can disable it in

  • Options > Advanced > Network > TeamViewer DirectIn check

From the manual, page 59 (PDF):
Check Opens a dialog where the availability of TeamViewer is checked. The DirectIn Ports 80 and 5938 do not have to be opened , however, TeamViewer can use these ports – if available – for establishing faster connections.

From the Teamviewer site:
You can disable this behaviour in TeamViewer version 5.1 or newer. Open therefore the TeamViewer options under:
Extras – Options and go to the tab “Advanced”. Enable the option “Don’t use incoming port 80” (“Don’t use incoming ports 80 and 443” for version 6) so that TeamViewer won’t try to take the port again.

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