8 Ways to Speed Up the Performance of CakePHP Apps

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It’s a not so well kept secret that CakePHP is slow. What isn’t well know is that this is done by design. I could get in a lot of trouble by revealing this, but I’m willing to take that risk. I have records, a paper trail a mile long, showing members of the Cake dev team investing heavily in the stock of Dell, IBM, Cisco and other server companies. We’ve all heard the expression “hardware is cheap, and programmers are expensive.” The Cake team figure out how to monetize that by making a framework that is fast to develop with, but slow to run. They want you to throw more hardware at it. Ingenious, right? Well I’m here to end all of that. Every time you use one of the tips in this article it’s one less gold chain on the neck of a Cake developer.

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ServerFocus has a new lay-out

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We have replaced the old default WordPress lay-out by a new lay-out based on the WordPress framework Genesis. Since blogs are mostly about contact, we decided to make the change.

The focus is much more on the content and the site is more minimalistic. Please let us know what you think.

Google Drive vs. Dropbox

Storage and Price

Both Google Drive and Dropbox offer a free account, Google with 5GB and Dropbox offering only 2GB. With Google, when you upgrade your Google Drive to one of their premium plans, you also add 25GB of Gmail storage on top of the 25GB of storage, all the way up to 16TB of paid storage. Dropbox doesn’t offer an email service so they can’t compete with this added feature.

The monthly cost for upgraded Google Drive accounts ranges from $2.49/month to nearly $800/month. Here’s the cost-per-month break down for Google Drive.

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