[Deprecated] Solving MSN issues on Pidgin for Windows and Linux

Error: “The certificate for omega.contacts.msn.com could not be validated.

Simple Fix
1. Close Pid­gin
2. Find your cer­tifi­cates folder (Win­dows: %appdata%\.purple) (Linux: /home/.purple)
3. Delete every­thing in the cer­tifi­cate folder.
4. Restart pid­gin and even­tu­ally you should get a new cer­tifi­cate that works.

P.S: Win­dows users who aren’t fami­lar with %app­data% just type %appdata%\.purple in your address bar and press enter.

Alternative Fix

wget -O ~/.purple/certificates/x509/tls_peers/omega.contacts.msn.com http://files.andreineculau.com/projects/pidgin/omega.contacts.msn.com.txt

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