Why I dislike Drupal

Learning Curve

Drupal has a steeper learning curve than learning an entire webdevelopment framework, which can be done within a week. Also read our articles about webdevelopment frameworks. A webdevelopment framework however provides much more flexibility, although obviously less functionality by default.


This brings us to another part. Drupal works with modules and comes only with core out of the box. This sounds lovely because everybody hates bloated products. Although every module requires like 15 other modules, which makes Drupal more bloated than any other product.


40% of all Drupal sites seems to run the default Drupal lay-out. I have been able to theme my own Drupal lay-out, but it was far more work than with Joomla and especially far less than with WordPress, own framework. There are tens of thousand of themes for WordPress and Joomla and only poor, bad themes for Drupal. That’s the great flexible CMS, that is a developer platform?


Admin pageviews take more than a second to complete. The default site takes a hundreds of milliseconds to load nodes, that’s not good. After installing 9 modules (forums, poll, recaptcha, etc) that required about 80 dependency modules 1 page loaded in 3 to 4 seconds. I am all for using caching to speed up performance. We do it here, but 3-4 seconds is insane.

SQL Data

Custom data is stored as a total mess in the database. In webdevelopment frameworks you have nice tables like ‘recipes’, ‘posts’, ‘users’, but Drupal uses more than a hundred SQL tables and it’s still a mess.

Drupal Core

If you love OOP development, just take a webdevelopment framework. It’s easier to learn program for a webdevelopment framework than for Drupal.


Flexible, maybe more so than WordPress, but WordPress is far far much easier. If you’re going to spend much time on a site, do it the right way and learn a framework. Having spent a few days learning a framework allows you to make awesome good quality sites in only 10% of the time it used to take. This is what Drupal promises as well, but the flexibility is far less than a framework. People who have programmed their own sites will end up very disappointed having spent much time on a steep learning curve and still ending up with so little flexiblity.

Go for a webdevelopment framework! Any is better.

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